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About Us

Our faculty; It carries out education-teaching-research activities in five departments: Economics, Business Administration, International Trade and Logistics, Political Science and International Relations and Psychology.

In the Economics, Business Administration and Psychology departments of these departments, the language of instruction is Turkish, and our students can attend the English preparatory class if they wish. In addition, a one-year compulsory English Preparatory Program is applied for the students of International Trade and Logistics, where 30% is taught in English, and Political Science and International Relations, where education is 100% in English.

Master’s and Doctorate programs and research and application centers run by our departments in our faculty, training experts and scientists in their fields, conducting scientific research and projects, sharing the information produced through scientific publications with the relevant segments of the society, and adopting policies for the solution of various problems faced by our region and economy. aims to develop.

Contributing to the development of science, technology, economy and society with education, research and publications at international standards; To be an innovative and internationally respected faculty that produces graduates who believe in freedom and democracy, scientific and critical thinking, and high moral values.

With a quality-oriented management system, in perfect cooperation with the business world and other segments of society, by ensuring the unity of theory and practice, it plans the academic staff, curriculum, R&D centers and other opportunities and processes to prepare its graduates for global competition, and will shape the future with its graduate programs. To be a faculty that makes its research staff sustainable.

Quality Policy

Enabling the establishment of an effective, developable, transparent and auditable coordination and cooperation between the Faculty, University, students, staff and other stakeholders in order to realize our vision and mission with all our academic, administrative and physical facilities; To create, implement and develop a quality system based on the satisfaction of all concerned.